Incident Investigation and Reporting

Our trained, highly competent investigation team can guide you through the process of an investigation and help you write the report required. Our team can guide you through this process.

When the worst happens, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to look at or even where to start an incident investigation.

Our team at Smart Safety Solutions are trained investigators and can assess an incident in a number of different ways, including undertaking I-Cam investigations. Our trained, highly competent investigation team can guide you through the process of an investigation and help you write the report required. We can also assist with communications with regulatory bodies if required.

Smart Safety Solutions realises that it can be a very stressful time for both businesses and employees. If necessary, Smart Safety Solutions are able to undertake the investigation for you and handle the stress of interviewing the staff members and potential contractors to find the root cause of any incident. During an investigation, our team will look to collect information from any witnesses. We analyse this information and draw any root cause conclusions that may come of it.

At Smart Safety Solutions, when looking at root causes we not only look at the action, but we delve deeper. We look at individuals – competency, personality, attitudes, and risk perception. We also look at the organisational aspects of an incident – leadership issues, resources and communications issues, if any. Then, we also look at the job – the task, the equipment, and the controls and procedures. We analyse all these facts when providing our detailed report and conclusions. We assess the future potential of any further incidents and provide guidance around corrective actions.

Investigation reports are an important part of any incident, and root cause analysis, when done correctly, often leads to learnings that prevent the same or similar incidents happening again. Let our team guide you, or let our team undertake this task for you to get this right.

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Incident Investigation and Reporting

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