Documenting Standard Operating Procedures

One of the best and sometimes hardest things a company can do is document standard operating procedures (SOPs).

SOPs are documented processes created by companies to ensure consistency in the services that they supply. It doesn’t matter if you are making cars, baking cakes, or doing the accounts, all businesses want you to do it the best, safest and most cost effective way possible. 

SOPs establish guidelines or instructions so workers know what to do in specific situations, allowing them to use their time more productively while complying with your expectations. 

SOPs can help fill the communication gap between theoretical training and actually doing the task, as well as give management the confidence that, if followed, SOPs allow their people to do the task in the safest possible way, the same every time, and the most cost effective and efficient way possible. 

But why would you want to do that if it can be hard? Well, there are several benefits to developing SOPs for a business.

SOPs help to:

  • Reduce training time; 
  • Increase productivity by reducing errors;
  • Avoid knowledge loss;
  • Reduce safety incidents and injuries;
  • Improve brand loyalty;
  • Meet legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and fill those gaps.

Not every process needs to be turned into an SOP so choosing the right ones can be a critical part of the process.

Our experienced team of consultants are ready to help you navigate your safety systems and discover your safety potential.

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Customised Safety Systems for all Businesses

Engage with our dedicated workplace health and safety consultants to customise safety systems that specifically suit your work processes. This helps you to reduce the chance of incidents and injuries.

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Our trained health and safety consultants can help you with incident reporting. This includes examining the events and circumstances surrounding an incident to understand how to prevent the same or similar incidents from reoccurring.

Audits and Audit Preparation

We can assist in preparing your business for compliance audits, help you meet ISO 45001 - the new ISO standard for occupational health and safety - and we can assist with both SafePlus audit preparation and your audit.

Policy Drafting and Implementation

We assess your business processes and provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-understand health and safety policy and procedure recommendations that you can implement for increased safety.

Expert Advice and Consulting

We provide you with all the advice and guidance you and your business need to easily navigate legislative health and safety requirements. 

Hazard and Risk Assessment and Reviews

We assess and provide a hazard and risk review to assist you in developing a comprehensive risk register that includes practical controls.

Health and Safety Training

We work to develop health and safety training specific to your company's needs. We can also run induction and training to identify hazards, decrease risks, and implement processes.

Documenting Standard Operating Procedures

We help you develop simple, clear operating procedures and instructions that are easy to follow, building you a bank of ideal reference documents that can also be utilised as training material.

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