Getting your health and safety systems right the first time could save you thousands of dollars in the long term!

Every business has different needs and desired outcomes for their safety systems. While some may just want a place to store files and forms their staff fill out, some businesses may want to measure how their safety performance is trending over the long term. 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for safety. We believe that solutions should be simple, effective, affordable, and only give you what you need.

Safety systems need to be appropriate to manage your risk, but don’t need to be overly complex and fill you and your people with fear.

Smart Safety Solutions develops custom health and safety management systems for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our focus is keeping it simple with solutions that work based around the risk profile of your business and what it is you do!
We believe at Smart Safety Solutions that businesses are not all the same and there is no such thing as an ‘off the shelf’ health and safety system – which is why our safety management systems are always tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

Based on your specific business risks, and considering any legislative requirements of your industry, our health and safety consultants will tailor a package to your needs.

This typically includes:

  • Developing health and safety management systems, or reviewing and updating existing systems;
  • Strategic planning to enable your business to set manageable and achievable goals;
  • Talking to you and finding out what the risks are for your business and building a risk profile for your business;
  • Developing safety improvement / implementation plans that help you and your people implement the safety solutions in an effective way; 
  • Training the business leaders and the people on the ground who will be running the system on how to use the health and safety management system;
  • Providing ongoing health and safety coaching/mentoring to leaders including to boards;
  • Helping set up health and safety sub boards if the business requires it;
  • Undertaking independent workplace safety observations to verify for you and the board that the safety systems are in place and functioning as intended;
  • Assisting in routine performance reporting to SLT, ELT or boards.

We always tailor our level of involvement to meet your needs and our experienced consultants are ready to work with you and your business to improve your health and safety.

All you have to do is ask yourself “Are you ready to take the first step and call us?”

All Services

Customised Safety Systems for all Businesses

Engage with our dedicated workplace health and safety consultants to customise safety systems that specifically suit your work processes. This helps you to reduce the chance of incidents and injuries.

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Our trained health and safety consultants can help you with incident reporting. This includes examining the events and circumstances surrounding an incident to understand how to prevent the same or similar incidents from reoccurring.

Audits and Audit Preparation

We can assist in preparing your business for compliance audits, help you meet ISO 45001 - the new ISO standard for occupational health and safety - and we can assist with both SafePlus audit preparation and your audit.

Policy Drafting and Implementation

We assess your business processes and provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-understand health and safety policy and procedure recommendations that you can implement for increased safety.

Expert Advice and Consulting

We provide you with all the advice and guidance you and your business need to easily navigate legislative health and safety requirements. 

Hazard and Risk Assessment and Reviews

We assess and provide a hazard and risk review to assist you in developing a comprehensive risk register that includes practical controls.

Health and Safety Training

We work to develop health and safety training specific to your company's needs. We can also run induction and training to identify hazards, decrease risks, and implement processes.

Documenting Standard Operating Procedures

We help you develop simple, clear operating procedures and instructions that are easy to follow, building you a bank of ideal reference documents that can also be utilised as training material.

“I would have no problem recommending Smart Safety Solutions to anyone and also look forward to working with them in the future.”
Bayaraa, Flip N Fly Circus