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We assess and provide hazard and risk reviews to develop a comprehensive risk register with practical risk controls for your business.
Your risk register also forms the basis for any site-specific safety plans or risk assessments that you might do for your business.
One of the major changes in the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 was the shift from identifying and controlling hazards, to a focus on identifying and controlling risks within your business.

Identifying risks within your business and then controlling the risks and hazards associated with them, is one of the first steps that you must undertake to ensure you are complying with the act.

Once identified, documenting these risks, hazards and controls in a risk register is a major component of your health and safety system. This will ultimately form the basis of what policies and procedures are developed and communicated to all people that are engaged in your business. When utilised correctly, it can also help you monitor these controls and identify areas of improvements.

Your risk register also forms the basis for any site-specific safety plans or risk assessments that you might do for your business. The problem is, most business don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to writing these systems and therefore they get rushed and poor documentation is produced or in the worst of cases overlooked, put on the back burner or forgotten about completely and not done.

Our experienced team of health and safety professionals at Smart Safety Solutions can assist you by using our knowledge and systems to complete a hazard and risk review with you. This will help us understand your business and allow us to develop a comprehensive risk register with practical controls and risk mitigation steps that will help you manage your business and not be too complex and overfacing.

Completing a comprehensive risk assessment of the tasks within your business and implementing controls for the risks and hazards forms an important part of the due diligence requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Call one of our consultants today for a free, confidential chat to talk about the biggest risks within your business and how we can help you in developing the risk register or reviews for your business.

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Hazard and Risk Assessment and Reviews

We assess and provide a hazard and risk review to assist you in developing a comprehensive risk register that includes practical controls.

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