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Our Asbestos management processes makes it easy for you to manage your health and safety requirements and obligations, all tailored specific to your business needs.

Asbestos is NZ’s largest single cause of work related deaths and over 170 people die each year from related issues

Who needs an asbestos management plan?

All business buildings and places of work are required to have an asbestos management plan that identifies any potential sources of asbestos and has a written plan of action in case of incident. Even if you have had an asbestos survey completed and there was no asbestos identified, you are still required to have a register that details this.

If your business building or the property you manage was built prior to the 2000 there may still be some form of asbestos present. Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) were stopped being imported in the early 80’s and production was stopped by the mid 90s. However, stockpiles of ACM materials were still used up until around the early 2000s. Evidence of asbestos can still found in most business and homes today.


What is in an asbestos management plan?

The asbestos management plan (AMP) is a plan that identifies where and what type of asbestos is in the building, as well as how the asbestos is managed. This plan can be documented electronically or in paper form, as long as it includes the below: 

  • Where specifically the asbestos is located

  • How the asbestos will be managed, eg will it be removed, encapsulated, painted or left in good condition.

  • If there are and work procedures that could expose the asbestos material. what these are and how you plan to log incidents or emergencies.

  • Timeline for managing the asbestos exposure. This can include items like; dates for removal, any tasks that could create a change in environment and a review timeline plan. At minimum your asbestos documentation needs to be revised and reviewed every five years. however, we strongly recommend that this be undertaken every two years to ensure that your system remain current and as accurate as possible.

This AMP is required to be supplied to any worker coming on site to ensure they don’t expose asbestos fibres while carrying out any maintenance or other tasks. 

Where do you start?

Identifying asbestos in the building for your management plan:

To be able to undertake a survey and identify the asbestos in your building, you must be considered a ‘competent person’. A competent person is required to be able to demonstrate that they have experience in identifying where asbestos and the types of asbestos present. Smart Safety Solutions strongly recommend engaging a qualified asbestos surveyor to ensure that the survey is complete and through.

Below are the options for identifying asbestos in your building: 

  • Conduct your own survey if you are ‘competent’. we recommend reading the guide to asbestos surveying before undertaking the assessment your own building.

  • A business could choose to get an employee trained to recognise potential asbestos.

  • Employ a professional asbestos surveyor to assist in your survey. Smart Safety can assist your company with this should you require help.

If you are planning on renovating or demolishing a property, please note that a competent person cannot conduct the required Refurbishment and Demolition report that should be undertaken prior to starting.  To conduct an Refurbishment and Demolition survey you need a person that is certified and experienced, such certification would include the BOHS IP402 Asbestos Surveying in Buildings.  

Does a survey need to include samples to confirm the presence of asbestos?

No, the for the survey to be complete sample do not need to be taken and tested. However, it would be more thorough if it did, which is why we strongly recommend having a certified professional undertake your survey.
They will most often be able to confirm this for you through sampling if necessary. Please note: Taking your own samples of potential asbestos material can be highly dangerous if you are not trained to minimise the risk of fiber exposure.

Often a composite sample that surveys a whole area will be taken, not a sample from a single location. a composite sample can be useful to confirm asbestos presence in places like ceilings where asbestos textured finishes are applied to several rooms or the entire property. This allows the best value to the customer.


Writing and reviewing a management plan:

Smart Safety solutions we have experianced and qualified professionals who are able to assist you in writing a management plan.
However, it is important to note that you don’t need a certified person to write a management plan, just an appointed person who can follow the recommendations and guidance of Worksafe. The role of the appointed person is to review the plan and also ensure anyone who comes on site to work is given the management plan prior to carrying out any work. 


Renovating or plan to do some demolition?

The asbestos regulations require that people who are undertaking a renovation or demolition identify asbestos or ACM before any refurbishments or demolition can be carried out if:

  • The site was built or installed before January 2000

  • Asbestos has been identified, or even if asbestos is suspected.

to undertake this you need a certified surveyor to carry out inspection. this type of survey can be significantly more invasive than a normal asbestos survey. For example: The surveyor will lift carpets, penetrate into ceilings and walls to obtain access to all areas of a building. While this survey is being undertaken the building must be vacated and also could mean surrounding areas may need to be vacated as well, to ensure no person is put at risk by the surveying.  



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