Every business has unique needs when it comes to integrating helpful safety systems into its culture, and before making decisions and investing time in your safety systems, it pays to figure out exactly where you are currently. This will allow you to plan systems properly and decide what your goals are in the short, medium and long term.

This measured approach requires time and a certain level of knowledge, which may not always be available within your organisation.

That’s where Smart Safety Solutions comes in. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not the safest way forward for your business, and we have the experience and expertise required to ensure that when you set out to build customised safety solutions for you and your crew, they will be fit for purpose.

Read on to discover some of the ways we can work with you to manage your review process and make health and safety processes a natural part of daily operations for your team.

The Discovery Process

Before we start making recommendations about how you might best move forward, we help you to build a risk profile. We do this by listening to how you are doing things currently, exploring your safety processes and talking to you about what you hope to achieve.

 Reviewing Current Practice

This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty. We look at what it takes to produce your product or service, and we work to understand how you are currently dealing with risk mitigation in your workplace. 

This may include looking into how you are tracking processes ahead of decisions around updating them, and we can also help you identify where there may be gaps or the need for a total overhaul. 

There are several ways of achieving this for the business:

  • Good practice gap analysis
  • Gap analysis against the ISO45001 international standard
  • Or simply sit down with key management and workers to gain an understanding of what the current safety practices are.

 Goal Setting

Once everyone is clear about where current processes sit, we can assist you in either developing an implementation plan to address any identified gaps in systems or processes or setting some achievable goals that guide the business towards a safer way of working.

We will also look at the industry guidelines and factor in legislative requirements as we help you target the risks that are specific to your business. 

Strategic Approach

Having a three or 5-year strategic plan is important to create a strategy tailored to account for where you are and where you need to go – and this will look different for each business. There may be some moves you can make immediately, and other items may need to be phased in over time. 

Take it From the Top

Safety is led from the top! Part of our collaborative approach at Smart Safety Solutions is to ensure that your management, your team leaders and anyone else who will be tasked with implementing your new customised safety solutions understand how to get this done in the most efficient way possible.

We work with you to train your leaders in practical and tactical ways. This means that when you roll out changes, they are understood and received in ways that are less about making employees follow rigid rules and more about working together to build a culture of safety which will integrate naturally into your systems and processes over time.

Checking In

Change is not always easy – but we can make it simpler. So, part of what we offer when you work with us to adopt a new customised safety solution is ongoing. We don’t just leave you dangling with a bunch of new ideas and systems; we provide ongoing health and safety coaching, and we can mentor your team leaders to ensure that you are rolling out changes in a stress-free way that works for everyone.

Independent Observers

When we check-in, we can also undertake workplace safety reviews for you. This allows you to note where your developed safety solutions are working, where they are being adhered to and where you may need to flex, shift or focus.

Building a Health and Safety Team

While not every business will need or require a team to manage health and safety, if you do have the numbers to warrant a dedicated health and safety team, we can help you figure out how that may work best for you. 

Customised Safety Solutions

At Smart Safety Solutions, we are here to help in the ways that suit you best. This means that when we collaborate with you to build a customised safety solution, you can dictate our level of involvement at every stage. It’s all about what works for you, and it’s important that improvements are able to be implemented in manageable ways that are sustainable in the long term.

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