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Preventing Workplace Injuries: The Financial Benefits

According to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), accidents in the New Zealand workplace cost them upwards of $968,565,574 in claims in 2022. This figure indicates the enormous cost of workplace injuries - both financially and socially in New Zealand...

Creating a Safety Mindset: How to Shift Your Company’s Thinking

Did you know that creating a safe and healthy work environment in any workplace is of paramount importance? With the help of health and safety consulting services, you can ensure that your workplace is equipped with the right systems and processes to prevent accidents...

Playing it safe with Health and Safety

Spring has arrived, and with it a number of changes that may affect your workers. In a recent case by WorkSafe NZ, the Thames District Council was sentenced to a fine of $10,000 for its part in an inflatable slide collapse in December 2020.  This clearly signals...

Spring Toolbox Talk

Spring has arrived, and with it a number of changes that may affect your workers. 

What does health and safety mean for small business?

According to the Ministry of Business of innovation and employment 97% of business in New Zealand employee less than 20 staff (Ministry of Business, 2016). If you dig a little further, of that 97%, 72% of these have no employees at all! How does the act apply to small companies or those that are one man bands? A large proportion of these businesses are run from home

Contractor Pre-Qualification what is it?

So you’re a contractor that has been tendering for jobs and working away for years with no problems at all. You’ve never had an accident (well only minor incidents that no one else knew about anyway!)