Health and Safety Auditing Services

Our Auditing process makes it easy for you to manage your health and safety requirements and obligations, all tailored specific to your business needs.

Never Lose Sight of Safety Compliance.

Smart Safety Solutions can help you check your health and safety systems as part of your due diligence obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. This will help you to see where your processes and systems are working well, and where they need improvement.

Health and safety requires ongoing maintenance and improvement, because the workplaces and people in them are not static but constantly adjusting. Sometimes these changes are internal, with new equipment, new employees, new workloads, etc., and sometimes these changes are external as with the new legislation. All of it means that your health and safety systems need to be dynamic and the best way to monitor them is with regular audits.

We can use standard audit templates such the AS/NZ 4801 Health and Safety Standard or ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP), or we can create an audit to suit your system and processes.


ACC accreditation can be an important part of a business’ health and safety improvement strategy, and the discounts available to those in the ACC accredited program are an added bonus. Smart Safety Solutions are approved by ACC to complete the WSMP audits. We can undertake the audit for you at your request or work with you to help you prepare for the audit.

In preparation for the ACC WSMP audit, we guide you through the process, assessing any paperwork that you have and ensuring that it meets the necessary requirements. We can conduct a mock audit with you to ensure that you’re ready and to help you understand the processes that will happen on the day. We can also make sure we are present on the day to assist.

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Health and Safety Training

We work to develop health and safety training specific to your company needs, and giving your staff an induction and training them on their responsibilities, hazards, risks, and processes.

Incident Investigation and Reporting

We provide necessary reports and corrective actions to help ensure incidents don't reoccur.

ACC Audits and Preperation

We prepare your business for ACC audits and assist with achieving ACC accreditation.

Policy Drafting and Implementation

We assess your business and provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-understand policies and procedures for your staff.

Expert Advice and Consulting

We provide you with all the advice and guidance you and your business needs to navigate your way through the legislative health and safety requirements.

Hazard and Risk Assessment and Reviews

We assess provide a hazard and risk review to develop a comprehensive risk register with practical risk controls.

Customised Safety Systems for all Businesses

We assist with compliance and reduce the chance of incident and injury.


Documenting Standard Operating Procedures

We develop simple, clear operating procedures and instructions that are easy to follow, making them ideal reference documents and training material.