Flip n Fly

Flip n Fly Circus School provides the highest standard of safety and circus fun.

Run by husband and wife team Bayaraa and Baya, they host team building corporate workshops and school holiday programmes including fun games, aerial hoops, aerial silk work, an aerial hammock, single and triple trapezes, tumbling, handstands, juggling, hula hoops, acrobalancing, trampolines, skipping and much more! They aim to ‘educate people from all ages about movement coordination’ and help them to develop ‘motor skills, strength, flexibility and endurance, whilst having a great time’.

Smart Safety Solutions were originally referred to Flip N Fly through word of mouth. We were advised that they needed help administering an ‘off the shelf’ health and safety system they had purchased a couple of months earlier.

At our initial consultation we could see that the system they had brought was so over the top for their business that it was nearly unmanageable, and they were still worried about not complying with the new act. We are sad to say this is not an uncommon story among business owners at the moment. With references to mobile plant, high-risk excavations and the like, this small windowless building of a system was overwhelming and simply too complex for a husband and wife team who were focused on growing their business. It was clear that they need a simpler, customised solution, and Smart Safe was a good choice for them.

We addressed their questions and concerns about the new act, and over the following month we really got to know their business through a series of meetings and site visits. We were able to draw up a system that was not only a third the size of the one they had initially purchased, but was relevant to their business with simple checklists and registers that will enable them to manage the system with as little as a couple of hours a month set aside for health and safety.

We are also pleased to still be supporting them monthly with ongoing advice and administration support, freeing them up for more important things like running the circus school and having a blast with all the fantastic kids they get to see.

The lessons that can be taken from Flip N Fly’s story are by no means unique.

  • Get a system that is right for your business
  • Don’t panic about health and safety, it doesn’t have to be that complicated
  • Health and safety needn’t be a full-time job if you get the right system in place


  • Industry: Gymnastics training
  • Serviced: 2016


  • Peace of mind for the owners
  • Easy to follow system that is relevant to their business
  • Ongoing support and follow up from our team to ensure nothing is a problem
  • Access to professional advice